Booth of truth

1959 MSS Record Lathe 

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You must keep quiet before the attack
Once you start and all system are turning
You have to continue
Even if you doubt the nature of your business
We hope for effective frenzy
Trapped wild experience
Resulting intimacy and immediacy
For later consumption and enjoyment
A record is inanimate
A dead thing
Which can bring dormant spirits back to life
We transport back in time
To the source of the recording
The stylus travels towards the core of the disc
And we hypnotised go with it
The hunt and capture
Of separation is one fold only
Commercial records are pressed
In large quantities and distance the artist
From the kill
If we are to eat meat
We should catch it ourselves



A record lathe is an electrical machine that records sound onto plastic material.
The history of sound capture dates back to the mid19th century. The origin of recorded sound is based on the fundamental notion of sound waves physically represented on the surface of an object.

Various techniques have been developed over time, these include holes punched into paper, patterns indented onto wax and grooves carved into plastic.
The record lathe type MSS 1959 continues the lineage of physical representation of sound being captured.
A spiral groove is pressed into a plastic disc, starting from the outer circle. The groove is pressed with a needle or diamond tip. Live sound is fed into the cutter head which then presses minute undulations within the groove.

The undulations are played back by use of a record player to amplify the sound. A record rotates on the turntable and the stylus travels down the spiral groove into and toward the core of the disc. Undulations in the groove create vibrations. The vibrations affect a coil to create an electric current resulting in an audio signal.


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The Booth of Truth will feature at The Walthamstow Garden Party 2018 – details to follow.


Booth of Truth at Tate Modern : Tate Exchange
Friday 20th, 21st and 22nd February 2018

As Associate Artists with BACKlit Gallery The Booth of Truth was at The Tate Exchange for 3 days to participate in their 12 month programme on the theme of production.

Visitors were invited to make a record- following selection via the roulette wheel.

Participants engaged in experimental cut up techniques on the themes of travelling and dreaming and performed the text collages in spoken word form live to vinyl.

Booth of Truth at Tate Modern : Late at the Tate
Friday 26 January 2018

In association with BACKLIT Gallery, Nottingham.

One in 4 participants were selected from the human roulette wheel to enter The Booth of Truth:

Participants reacted, in spoken word to a series of image and text prompts by Dominique. The scripts and flash cards were based on methods of free association which surrealist poets such as Andre Breton pioneered in the 1920’s. Inside the Booth, the participants spoke in streams about their inner most secrets in partially coded language. They were given a vinyl record with the live recording to take away.


BOOTH OF TRUTH – Sideshow. Saturday 16th December

Time: 10am – 2pm  | Age: All ages  | Price: £5

Enter the Booth of Truth to make a unique vinyl record via the 1950s technology of a Recording Lathe. Book a 20 minute slot online to record a Christmas message, a declaration of love, a song or a sound!



Greenleaf School Wednesday 8th Nov 2017.

Dom explaining sound waves. The children at Greenleaf School participated in scientific experiments—then cut a record live.


Making Waves recorded straight to disc by the children



Recording a vinyl record at Sandford Mill Museum, Chelmsford.  Saturday 9th September 2017.



Mrs H and The Sing A-long Band in The Booth of Truth at Village Green Festival, Southend. Saturday 8th July 2017.


E17 Arts Trail July 2017 at Pearl Home Records.

Over 2 weekends participants cut vinyl records live. There were songs, poems, music, sound art and conversations from people of all ages.

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Sound Art by Helen Maurer 2017

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The Booth of Truth at E17 Arts Trail Launch Party 2017, The Vestry House Museum, Walthamstow London

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