Difficult Birth Series 2019 – paper collage


Wooden boy born from man 2019

Mary giving birth to God 2019 – text from page 80 The Power by Naomi Anderson

Eve says, ‘Jesus is the son. But the son comes from the mother. Consider this: which is greater God or the world?’ They say, for they have learned this already from the nuns, ‘God is greater because God created the world’. Eve says, ‘So which must be greater, the Mother or the Son?’ They pause, because they think her words may be blasphemy. Eve says, ‘It has already been hinted in scripture. It has already been told to us that God came to the world in a human body. We have already learned to call God ‘Father’. ‘Jesus taught that’ They admit that this is so. Eve says, ‘So I teach a new thing. This power has been given to us to lay straight our crooked thinking. It is the Mother not the Son who is the emissary of Heaven. We are to call God “Mother”. God the Mother came to earth in the body of Mary, who gave up her child that we could live free from sin. God always said She would return to eatrth. And she has come back now to instruct us in her ways’.

Mary The Weeping Machine 2019

Cross studies 2018

The Myth of the Minotaur – group show exhibition

Barco De Avila’s Carcel Space, Spain Summer 2018


Works on paper 2018


Tate Modern Feb 2018; Pearl Home Records present The Booth of Truth.

Visitors to the programme joined us to make cut up poetry and record it to vinyl. The following images are made from the texts which were left over.

The first compostition is from the text of Gullivers travels by Jonathon Swift. The white and black text is like the boat which is sinking (due to cut out parts). Other texts By Ursla K. Le Guin and Lewis Carrol also refer to in water situations. The texts I had chosen were related to travelling and dreaming. I realised (when documenting) I had often chosen language about travelling by sea; and the dreaming text also had underwater connections.

This is the first series of outcomes (by the Artist, AKA Me!) from The Tate Exchange Programme. It reflects one persons negative is another persons positive and the absence of text will let the ocean in!

The work made by participants is for evaluation and personal use only. We share practise methods, techniques, conversation and structure; this is the point of engagement. The outcome for both Artist and participant is knowledge and reflection, it is a two way street in this sense; both parties bring something to the table which can be applied to future art making or life in general.


These works were made at the Mothership Residency in Dorset, August 2017

Interview for AN magazine by Lydia Ashman

Self Portrait with Extra Sprinkles


The Mother Pack and Captured Crocodile


Holding up The World


Horses with Interconnected Sticks


Horses and Pyramid



Drawings shown at 5th Ecology, WUHO, Woodbury University, Los Angeles, September 2017


Death by Car


Ice Cream Mother


Death by Car -Free Condoms
In the drawing Ice Cream Women the mother is duplicated by three and acts out the instinctive nature of the pack taking watch over the ice cream van, protecting the food source from other predators. In this drawing and in Death by Car individuals are intrinsically linked, family members/cloned mothers act on the same principles. In Death by Car the mothers put their heads into the car as if gassing themselves at the cooker in the ultimate act of domestic trapping.

These vehicles represent the trappings of domesticity in neat packages. The absurdity of the ice cream van with its music and niche products and the family car, carrying the family to a holiday destination. Travelling to resorts in the UK by car was a 1970’s summer stalwart, it represented a new convenient freedom. I always associate the feeling of boredom with sitting in the back of the car seemingly endlessly whilst moving towards an organised escape from normality.

I and millions of others willingly except the trappings of domesticity, we also attach ourselves to the wild by travelling there in the car. Hopefully when we get there an ice cream van will be parked up reminding us we are never far from home.


Works on paper 2017


Generic Death Mask for The Headless Woman


Children and War


Father’s Legs and Children’s Game




Dog Mothers


Portrait of Vincent


Two members of The Family


The Car Will be The Death of You


Ghost in The Car


Elephant Fetus


Sketch book works 2016